Clone Dome

This dome is used in our Producer grow box. Looking for the Bloombox/Mothership/Roommate dome?

Made of heavy duty clear plastic to improve seed germination and success rate of cuttings. These sturdy Humidity Domes allow light in while keeping moisture levels high and constant. Will also retain heat supplied to the root zone!

Includes two top mounted adjustable vents to achieve proper air-flow and desired humidity (opening vents will reduce humidity levels). Reusable - will last several seasons. Fits all standard 1020 seed flats.


  • Speeds germination and improves seedling success
  • Maintains high and even humidity while controlling temperature levels
  • Adjustable vents control air circulation, temperature and humidity
  • Compatible with all 1020 seedling trays or flats
  • Size: 11″ x 21″ x 7″ deep
Dome Only

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