12 Pounder Combo

Due to the size of these combos, shipping times may vary. Please contact us to discuss.

Speed things up by switching between two grow boxes to expedite grow cycles.

  • Green Leaf Icon Flower 9 to 12 plants
  • Green Calendar Icon Harvest every 4 weeks
  • Green Scale Icon Yield 12 pounds per year*

Designed to speed up growing cycles, the 12 Pounder Combo will add serious value to your operation. Pairing the BloomBox and the Producer together lets you switch back and forth between the two to expedite yields.

*Yield based on variables like strain, temperature, airflow, nutrients and lighting.

What's included

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Package Options

Upgrading to the Gold Package will save you money! Packages have been bundled and discounted up front vs purchasing things separate later.

Standard Package

You will recieve everything in this package at no additional charge with your combo.

  • 6 cycles of our Silver Nutrients
  • Extra HID (For HID Option only)
  • Extra High Output T5 Veg bulbs*
  • Clone shelf
  • Clone tray
  • Extra airstones
  • Extra drip emitters
  • Digital pH tester
  • Digital TDS tester
  • Large clone dome
  • Extra water pump
  • Extra Drip Emitters
  • Pruning scissors
  • Cloning scalpel
  • Digital thermometer
  • Odour-killing Ona block
  • Syringe
  • Measuring cup
  • Industrial-strength casters
  • 365-day technical support
  • Grow & tech manuals
  • 3-year warranty on all parts
  • 1-year warranty on ballasts

*These bulbs are specific to Vegging in the left chamber. If you want Flowering T5's check out our T5 Upgrade.

Gold Package

includes everything in Standard, PLUS:

  • Upgraded to Gold Nutrients
  • Internal fan upgrade
  • Ventilation Package
  • Auto pH Controller
  • Grow Room Glasses
  • BC Storage Bags