Your Plants Have Needs. Here’s What to Look Out For.

Plants are delicate. To grow the ideal plants, you need the ideal indoor environment. This includes the right temperature, the right humidity and the right pH levels.

Maintaining optimal growing temperatures

Proper temperature allows for efficient plant functions and life cycles. You want your grow space temperature to be around 73 to 82 Fahrenheit (which is on the warmer side, because your light source will create some heat). To make sure you’re able to keep it at that point, it’s best to have a thermometer. The good news is that all BC Northern Lights grow boxes have automated controls that’ll keep your plants at the optimal temperature.

Controlling grow space humidity levels

Humidity levels dictate how fast your plants soak up nutrients and water, so they’re pretty important. If the humidity is too high, you risk your plant growing mould. If the humidity is too low, your plants will wilt because the water it absorbs from its roots will evaporate too quickly.

To maintain good humidity levels, introduce an exhaust fan to your grow space. This will remove some of the heat and moisture, both of which may accumulate really quickly. BC Northern Lights grow boxes have that covered too, ensuring your plants stay cool and dry automatically.

Perfecting plant pH levels

On the pH scale of 0-14, zero is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic. A pH of 7 is considered neutral. Keeping your plants between the 5.2-5.9 range will ensure your plants absorb the proper amount of nutrients. Anywhere outside that range puts you are risk of malnourished plants and even toxicity.

To sum things up, your plant just really knows what it wants – appropriate temperature, humidity and pH levels. If you can maintain those three elements consistently you’ll be well on your way to great yields.