The Making of a Grow Box

Grow boxes come in all shapes, sizes and levels of quality. We recommend that you always do your research when you're thinking about purchasing a grow box.

How our grow boxes are made

At BC Northern Lights we're proud to produce high-quality grow boxes hand made from medical-grade powder coated aluminum. We've been building grow boxes since 2001 and are continually testing and tweaking new features that we can use to make our grow boxes even better.

A commitment to quality

We build it ourselves from the ground up. That means every component that goes into a BC Northern Lights grow box is designed to be there. We have a shop team that cuts, bends and assembles each box for a fit and finish that is unsurpassed. Our grow boxes are built to last with industrial strength construction, high quality locks and wheels, and professional wiring.

BC Northern Lights grow box benefits

True-one-plug electronics means that BC Northern Lights grow boxes are wired professionally for safe operation and ease of use.

We don't buy a bunch of components and plug them into a power bar in the back of your machine, we hand pick components that work together well and wire them properly. Medical grade powder coated construction is easy to clean, doesn't chip or rust and will provide you with decades of crops.

Because we use powder coating and not reflective strips, there are no tiny cracks or seals where mould and moisture can hide and develop. What you're left with is a clean grow box that is easy to maintain.

Essential equipment comes standard. Our standard grow box packages include everything you need to get big yields. CO2 setup, nutrients, bulbs, pumps, and electronic timer all comes in the package and ready to go.

Electronic timers are easier to use and more reliable than analog timers. You can pre-program your vegetation and flowering cycles to the flip of a switch. Our professional wiring is in a separate chamber from our grow chamber ensuring all electronics stay dry and safe.

Industrial strength locks and custom carbon air filtration ensure that your grow stays safe and away from curious eyes and sticky fingers.

Ever had to move your grow? Our heavy duty castor wheels have saved the day before by allowing you to quickly and easily transport your grow to a new location.

Wheels are also easily removable to allow for stacking or a lower profile