How Hydroponics Work

You've heard the buzz, seen the yields and want to get started growing your own – but if you've never grown indoors before you probably don't know how hydroponics works.

Grow bigger. Grow cleaner. Grow easier.

We've helped thousands of growers start out with hydroponics and they've seen great results. Here's a quick overview of how your BC Northern Lights grow box will work.

Hydroponics is an indoor growing technique that uses nutrient rich water to feed your plants without using soil. Each plant grows out of a grow medium and its roots hang down into the reservoir of water and nutrients.

The root system is able to absorb the nutrients and grow the plant without the use of soil which can be messy and hard to dispose of. By using the correct amount and type of nutrients you can grow plants much quicker and get them to flower faster than with traditional soil growing.

The nutrients need to be carefully mixed and added to the hydroponics system. BC Northern Lights provides custom feeding schedules that are specifically designed to get you the biggest yields out of your grow box.

Our hydroponics nutrients are scientifically formulated to get the biggest yields in a BC Northern Lights grow box.

It’s that easy!